3 easy steps

Together we take ear care to the next level!

Does your dog keep scratching his ears? Does your cat keep shaking her head? These are signs you as a pet owner may notice which can suggest an ear problem which needs veterinary attention.


  • Change of smell in/around the ear
  • Scratching or rubbing of ears and head
  • Discharge in the ears
  • Redness or swelling of the ear flap or canal
  • Shaking of the head or tilting it to one side
  • Pain around the ears
  • Changes in behaviour

If your pet is showing any of these signs or you have any further questions, please refer to your registered veterinary practice.

At Animalcare we are here to help, and we want to present a new range of ear care products to keep your pets ears healthy. Introducing to you: our team of Super earo’s! Here to support you and your pet every step of the way towards healthier ears.

With launching this team of Super-earo’s, we have developed a unique 3-step approach to ear health which will make caring for ears simple for you and your pet.

It consists of three easy steps:


Makes everyday ear cleaning easy

Cleaning and caring for your pet’s ears are an important way to reduce the chance of ear problems and excess wax building up.

Routine cleaning and examinations at home enable early detection of potential infections or other issues.

Oticare is a gentle ear cleaner that can be used for cleaning during an infection, but also as a regular weekly cleaner in healthy ears. It is specially formulated to keep ears hygienically clean while maintaining the normal microbiological flora of the ear canal.

This product is:

  • For routine cleaning to reduce the risk of ear problems developing
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • An effective wax removal product
  • Non-irritating and has a pleasant fragrance
Ingredient What does it do?
Lactic acid / natural lavender essential oil Helps to maintain microbial flora in the ear
Salicylic acid Dead skin removal product & cerumen removal product (ceruminolytic)
Low level of lactic & salicylic acid Effective cleaning yet gentle to the ear
Docusate sodium Ceruminolytic - Helps cleaning by emulsifying debris
Propylene glycol Ceruminolytic - Helps with removal of wax and other fatty deposits
  1. Always read and follow the prescription label carefully. Consult your vet or veterinary nurse regarding the frequency of cleaning during an active infection. Do not skip or stop cleaning without consulting your vet first.
  2. Check label directions and shake bottle if necessary
  3. Lift the ear flap so that it is pointing straight up
  4. Apply the cleaner liberally into the canal
  5. Massage near the base of the ear to encourage the debris to soften, and allow your pet to shake their head to assist with removal of fluid and debris
  6. Wipe away any loose debris from the ear flap and canal with cotton wool


  • You may need to repeat several times depending on the amount of debris present
  • Never use cotton buds in the canal due to potential injury
  • Always wash your hands after cleaning your pet’s ears
  • Praise and reward your pet to encourage co-operation
What if I miss a cleaning?

If a cleaning is missed, go back to the normal cleaning schedule as soon as possible.

What should I ask my vet about before starting cleaning?
  • When your pet will need to be rechecked
  • How often your pet’s ears need to be cleaned
  • What tests may need to be performed prior to and during treatment with the ear cleaner
What other things do I tell my vet before starting cleaning my pet’s ears?
  • If your pet has experienced ear problems before
  • If your pet has experienced side effects on other drugs/products
  • If your pet has had any allergies towards other medical products
  • All medications you are planning to give your pet, including any non-prescription supplements
How do I store the bottle?

This ear cleaner should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight. Keep this and all medication out of reach of children and pets.

How long can I use it once opened?

Once opened it can be used up to its expiration date.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been noted with the use of Oticare, however, if you notice anything unusual, please notify your vet.

What else should I know?

It is important to have any ear problems assessed by a vet prior to applying the cleaner as incorrect treatment could potentially result in damage to the ear. Discuss with your vet what may be recommended to diagnose or treat any underlying conditions that may predispose your pet to recurring ear problems.

Further information

Ask your vet about easy-to-use and effective ear care for your dog or cat from the Super-earo’s Team. Find out which vet has these products on our Vet finder page!

Your vet can prescribe antibiotic drops to treat an infection in your pet’s ear. It is important to finish the complete course even though the signs of the ear infection may have disappeared. This is to prevent the infection recurring quickly, and it may also prevent antibiotic resistance.

Ask your veterinary surgeon for more details on the most appropriate treatment for your pet.

The power is in the powder!

Pets can have underlying problems that make them more prone to ear infections, your vet can advise you on this. It is important to maintain the right ear environment to keep your pets happy and healthy.


Oticurant is a brand new ear care product in powder form that maintains a healthy ear environment. It is an effective method, in a simple-to-use, single-use sachet. This product will take ear health to a completely different level. Easy to use and a lot less stress for pet and owner!

Oticurant combines three different pathways to maintain a healthy ear environment:

  1. Lowering the pH in the ear, which maintains optimal conditions
  2. Absorbing moisture and excess lipids, which depletes the pathogen’s food supply
  3. Special sugars with anti-adhesive properties which prevent bacteria and fungi attaching to the skin in the ear

Oticurant provides a simple maintenance solution meaning no more stress for pet and owner.

  1. Ensure your dog’s ears are dry and clean before you use the product.
  2. Shake down the powder in the sachet before opening the single use sachet.
  3. Lift the ear flap.
  4. Pour the powder down the ear canal.
  5. The powder now neutralises smell and cleanses the ear.
  6. Let your dog shake its head; any excess powder may be shaken out.

There is no need for massaging or cleaning after application.

Give your dog the measured amount once daily per ear for 5 days to start it up and then once weekly to maintain a healthy ear canal.

Use our reminder stickers to help you remember when your pet needs the Oticurant. These reminder packs are available from your vet.

Check out how to use the product in this video: Click here!

How does Oticurant clean the ears?

Oticurant will absorb moisture and fat and by doing so creates small hard flakes or beads, which are than shaken out by the dog.

How long do I have to use Oticurant?

Start off applying once daily every day for 5 days, then once a week. Oticurant can be given continuously as a measure.

Are there any risks of overdosing?

No, the dog will shake out any excess powder.

Is there a chance of bacterial resistance?

No, Oticurant has no effect on the organisms itself; therefore there is no risk of resistance.

Can I use Oticurant in dogs with a ruptured eardrum?

There is no data on the use of Oticurant and animals with ruptured eardrums. We would advise speaking to your vet regarding the best treatment in this case.

Can I combine the use of Oticurant with a liquid?

No, you should not use a liquid at the same time as using Oticurant.

Does Oticurant leave a stain if it lands on the carpet?

No, it does not leave any stains.

Further information:

Ask your vet about easy-to-use and effective ear care for your dog or cat from the Super-earo’s Team. Find out which vet has these products on our Vet finder page!

Ask your vet about easy-to-use and effective ear care for your dog or cat, from the Super-earo Team